How to change font in WhatsApp Messenger

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Are you bored of same monotonous font available in WhatsApp Messenger?

People who like change would appreciate that WhatsApp has introduced a new font in its messenger. This font is different in comparison to the existing font being displayed in the messages.

For typing any message with different font you have to do a bit of exercise.

What is that?

First you type the three back quotes ( ‘ ‘ ‘) then the content or message and again the three back quotes( ‘ ‘ ‘) then you will get to see your message in different font . Is it convenient? Answer would be a straight no. But if you like change and new adventures then you can give it a try.

Earlier WhatsApp released 3 other variations also for the fonts. That was making the font

  1. bold
  2. italic
  3. strikethrough

For making any font or content in Bold you have to use star. Any content written between two stars will be automatically sent as bold.

*Hello*= Hello

Similarly if you want to send a message in italics , you can type the content in between two underscores.


if you want to strike through the content then you have to keep the content in between to Tilda (~)



With above variations you can make your message more interactive and somewhat different to a simple monotonous message.

We are also hearing that WhatsApp may introduce video calling very soon. It was available in a testing version which was released in May 2016 but later on it was removed .We are now certain that video calling in WhatsApp which is lacking till now may be available soon to its uses so wait and watch.

Hope next releases of WhatsApp may introduce further variations in Font and who knows they can add color to the Fonts.

Keep messaging and explore the new font and variations !!


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