The Upcoming Mobile apps of 2016

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When it comes to cell phone app development, what can the corporate world expect in 2016? Here is the latest trend in the upcoming mobile apps development in 2016.

More mobile apps are on the agenda for many companies in 2016. So cell phone app developers and experts are predicting top mobile app development trends.

Hybrid HTML5 getting popularity

While developers may always prefer native mobile apps, hybrid HTML5 application development shall continue to gain increasing popularity in the corporate and with consumer apps, said Fima Katz, CEO and founder of Appery, makers of the mobile apps development platform. “Hybrid HTML5 may become the most popular choice for most companies use cases in 2016,” he predicted.

Tablets and Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Development

While tablet sales are declining, the devices remain popular in the masses, where they are used by cell phone workers like back up responders, service mechanics and energy/utility engineers. Their continued popularity in the workplace will lead to increased demand for cross-platform cell phone solutions that help mobile workers transition back and forth between a desktop environment and cell phone devices, observed Art Landro, CEO of Sencha, an expert provider of cross-platform application development and management tools.

Mobile App Market Consolidation

Hundreds of point vendors provide software for different fields of cell phone app development, said Appery’s Katz, predicting that many of them will either go out of business or be purchased in 2016. “The outcome will be fewer, but more robust and high quality platforms, which is good news for the companies. Everything one required make an attractive, functional enterprise-grade app will be available in one place.”

Mobile Centers of Excellence (MCoE)

Many large companies already use a mobile centre of excellence (MCoE), which enables multiple parties from lines of business and IT to work together on mobile app development, McGloin said.

In the next year, more organizations should establish a MCoE and start reaping the benefits of greater collaboration through centralizing mobile best practice and bringing the business and IT together to achieve common goals,” he advised. “With this collaborative style of functioning they can see improved efficiency, scalability and cell phone success.

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