Twitter for Android now has night mode functionality

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Twitter for android users have a good reason to get happy about. Twitter for Android in its latest update has come up with the much awaited night mode functionality. The night mode functionality has been running on the beta mode for quite sometime. With the new night mode you see your Tweets when the lights go out. Night Mode is meant for delivering a dark color palette that is specially designed for reading in the dark.

The new night mode features in Twitter for android is quite simple to get started with. It not only allow the users to easily flip between the two modes but also enabling the new night mode gives pleasant user experience. It is to be noted that night mode doesn’t turns everything black rather it uses a dark grey with white text and blue links on it making it easier for the eyes.

How to activate the Night Mode in twitter for Android?

Now how to start the night mode in Twitter for Android? To get started with the night mode all you need is to tap on the profile icon at the top corner of the screen which has the night mode toggle at the bottom of the given dropdown list.  If you are unable to locate the night mode button , you probably you have the older version of Twitter for android installed. So the first thing you do is to update your Twitter for Android for the latest version from the Play Store.

The night mode functionality is pleasing for the eyes and enables the users to browse through their Twitter timeline in the dark without disturbing others. 

You can download the latest Twitter app for Android with the night mode functionality from the link below. 


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