How to transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android device

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Have you switched from iPhone to Android? If yes, you must be in dire need to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android device. No worries, gone are the days when transferring contacts from one mobile platform to another was done manually. Today in the age of smartphone technology contacts can be transferred automatically and with minimum time and efforts.

There are many ways you can transfer your iPhone contacts to your new Android device. This post takes you through various methods of doing so. You may adopt the one that suits you the best.

First method to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android: Syncing with Google Account

To access your android phone you need a Google account. So first open a google account from Google’s homepage. Once you’ve created your Google account, take your iPhone and go to the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” section of the Settings. Click “Add Account” button, select the Gmail option, and enter your login information.

It is important to select the Contacts option when your iPhone asks for which parts of your Google account is to be synced.  This will start the syncing process and all your iPhone contacts will be synced with your android google account. The time it takes to sync the contacts depends upon the amount of contacts to be synced and internet speed. Once the syncing is over you will be able to see all your iPhone contacts in your android device.

Second method to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android: Transfering with iCloud

Active iCloud feature on your iPhone makes it really simple , this method taakes no time at all. Follow the following path.

On your iPhone, go to

Settings>“Mail, Contacts, Calendars”>“Accounts” >“iCloud” >“Contacts”>“Merge”


Go to and log in with your Apple ID, then select “Contacts”. Click on the gear icon in the lower-left corner, then press “Select All”. After that, click the wheel again and choose “Export vCard”.

Go to and click on the “Mail” button, then select “Contacts”. Click the “More” tab, select “Import”, select “Choose File”, then select your saved vCard file. When finished Gmail will start displaying the contacts that have been imported.

Third method to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android: Transfer with iTunes

If your contacts are stored locally or you’re using an account other than Gmail, you can still transfer your contacts through iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer. First, connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes and go to the device screen by clicking “iPhone” in the upper right-hand corner. Open the Info tab, then check the box next to “Sync Contacts with.” Choose “Google Contacts” from the dropdown menu, then enter your Google account information when prompted.

Once your iPhone is finished syncing, log in to your Android device with your Google account information, and your contacts should all be there.

Fourth method to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android:Use a third party application

If you dont find the above methods handy you can always make use of third party apps to do the job. Two of the best apps available to transfer contacts froniphone to android are :

  1. PhoneSwappr
  2. My Contacts Backup

These apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Follow the in-app instructions to transfer contacts from iPhone to android device.

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