Release of new version Android Nougat

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Google is planning to launch its latest Android OS version by probably September 2016 . The official name for this version has been already given ANDROID NOUGAT. It will be also called ANDROID N . It would be interesting to see whether it is called ANDROID 7.0 or not. As we know that in past several newer versions of Android were under same numerical sequence. We all know that Android versions are named after famous confectioneries. And also the name is chosen such that the next versions are in Alphabetical order.

The beta version and various Developer Previews are already there and Developers and people are working over it now. We will summarize some of the features which are new in this NOUGAT.

Change in Notification

First thing in the notifications are going to be changed for much better user experience. Now we will get detailed notifications. Suppose we are getting a new e-mail in our Gmail account then notification will pop up and through notification window only we will be able to reply to that email,

Improved Toggles and Setting

Another change we are going to find is the top screen will see all the active toggles in start and deactivated icons in the bottom. It means if you have activated your mobile data a it will come above and the deactivated items will come down.

Another good point is that in the toggle buttons of your settings now you are going to get much more information for each setting. For instance if you see the toggle button for data you will also see how much data is currently being used for. Setting for Storage will display the actual available storage.

Night Mode

Another good feature we are expecting in this release is night mode. We know that this was available in the preview of the previous version of Android M but later when the final release came it was not there. Now night mode is available in the Beta version of Android N and we can expect it to be in final release as well.

Emergency Contact

Another good feature which may find its place is Updated emergency information. This in emergency information can contain your blood group , emergency contact number and other information . Once a person who find his phone can access this information even without entering the pass code.

Multitasking and Split Screen

Other features we may expect that of split screens for accessing multiple windows at the same time. This can work in portrait mode also and landscape also and this is going to be very useful feature.

Customization of Keyboard Theme

Another feature in this new version of Android is updating of themes for keyboard. You just have to go to the settings of your keyboard and you can download various themes and this way you can change the same monotonous theme as per your liking.


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