How to Partition SD card using a personal computer

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In past, you must have partitioned your Computer Hard Disk for installing Windows XP or some other OS. Similarly for increasing the RAM of your mobile, you need partitioned SD Card.

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 Note: Before partitioning the SD card, you should take backup of the data, if any. Because during the partitioning all the data would be lost.

Now we will see step by Step procedure to partition the SD Card using Personal Computer.

 Step-1 Install Mini Tool Partition

 Mini Tool Partition is free software. It is very simple and easy application for doing various operations like partitioning, moving or resizing the existing partitions.

First you have to install Mini Tool Partition in your computer. For downloading the application you can click here.

Step-2 Connect SD card to PC

 After installing Mini Tool Partition, now remove SD Card from your mobile and connect the SD card to PC through a SD Card reader.

Step-3 Partition SD card Using Mini Tool Partition

3.1 Open Mini Tool Partition

3.2.Click on SD Card and Delete all Partitions and then click Apply

3.3 Select SD Card and click on Create Partition. After that a window will appear. Set following options

Create as:  primary

File system as FAT32 ( this option should be chosen if total size of the SD card is more than 4GB. For lesser size SD card select the file system as FAT only)

Partition Size: Give as 2000 MB (Leave at least 1 GB un-allocated space for next partition)

3.4 After that Right Click on un-allocated Space and click on Create. This partition should be created as following.

Create as:  primary

File system as EXT2 ( or EXT3 or EXT4)

Partition Size: It should be chose such that un-allocated Space after would become  Zero

Click Apply

Now your SD Card will have two partitions. The first partition with File System as FAT 32 would be used for storing the normal files. Whereas the 2nd Partition created with File System as EXT2 would be used for increasing the RAM Size.

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