Launch of Google DUO : A video calling App

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On 16th Aug, 2016, Google has launched its video calling app called DUO. This app is going to taken on various already popular existing apps such as Skype, IMO, FaceTime etc. The App was announced in annual Google I/O event organized during the year 2016.

Users may find it confusing, why Google has launched this App, if they have Hangout. Google try to clarify that Hangout will be more and more used for collaboration purpose and Enterprise driven.

Some of the features of Google Duo can be listed as under.

Simple Registration through Mobile Number

DUO uses the same method of registration as WhatsApp. Means you have to register through you mobile Number.  All the mobile contacts in your mobile with DUO would become eligible for video calling. The interface presented in DUO is very simple. Most of the screen is used for video calling with white ribbon in the Bottom.

One to One call only

As of now through Google Duo users can call to single contact. It means you cannot arrange a group call through it.

End-to-End Encryption

End –to-End Encryption facility is available in Google Duo. However, it is striking to note that by default it is not activated. Users have to explicitly activate this feature.

Fast and Works on low bandwidth connections

Google has claimed that this App would be fast. It would also support video calling on slow networks . It has to be seen whether claims of Company is going to materialize or not.

Knock Knock- See the caller even before picking up call

This feature of Google Duo is very interesting. The caller will appear even before someone picks up the call.


Google Duo would be in direct competition with FaceTime, Skype etc. But few differences we should be aware of. FaceTime is inbuilt to iPhone and hence it can be used to call between iPhones only. Google Duo has to be installed separately. It will work on both iOS as well as Android. Hence it is a cross platform video calling App.

But in our opinion, the direct competition of Google Duo will be with WhatsApp if it adds the video calling functionality into it.  It would be interesting to see when WhatsApp is going to  include video calling functionality.

(Image Credit- Google Play)

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