How to Increase speed of your Android Device – 3 simple Tips

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Over a period, after using your Android Device you may find it slow in performance. Here are some tips through which you can increase the performance of your Device in simple steps.

Optimization of Animation

First thing is that you can optimize the Animation. For doing that you need to have developer option under settings. For Invoking Developer Options in you device goes to Settings àAbout Deviceàtap on the build number at least 7 times. After this you will get the message that Developer Options has been activated in the mobile.

This Developer Option comes at just above to About Device option under the settings.

Now go under Developer Options. Here you will find. Three options as below.

  1. Window Animation Scale
  2. Transition Animation Scale
  3. Animator Duration Scale

(You may two or three options depending upon the Android Version you are using. Three options will appear for Android Marshmallow which was released in October 2015)

When any Phone is shipped, by Default all above three scales are set as 1x. What I would suggest that you change the scale of all the three options as 0.5x. There you go, after doing all these you will notice that you phone is displaying next screens very fastly.

Restart your Device more frequently

Another option I would suggest that At least you should restart your Device weekly. This may sound awkward, but believe me, restarting your device once in while flushes unnecessary processes, files from your Device, and you may feel slightly better performance without costing anything to your pocket.

Remove unused Widgets

Most of the times we add widgets just for sake of adding them. Some of the Widgets access real-time data to be updated. More number of Widgets slows down the performance of device. If you are not using them frequently it’s better to remove them.

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