How to increase space in Mobile Device

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Most of the time we come across a situation where we want to add a new app from Play Store but as soon as we try to install the app we get a notorious message that there is not enough space in your mobile . This can be very irritating.

We know that over period while working in mobile phone our space is consumed by so many different kind of files . So  its important to free up your space not only for adding new important things but also for getting good performance of mobile.

Now we will discuss some key features through which we can remove unnecessary files and applications from all mobile phone and enjoy the phone as it was brand new.

Remove Cached Files

First thing is you have to remove your all cached files. These files are used for accessing contents fastly and mostly they are not required. For doing that you have to go to SettingsàStorage and search for them. After getting the option you can delete this junk files

Offline Areas In Google Maps

Google Maps has added this functionality so that you can search and navigate t even when your phone is offline. But using maps in offline mode create local storage in your mobile. if you are not using Google Map that much then you can think of free this.

Remove Content from Download Folder

Third option will be to check your download folder . In download folders you may find some unnecessary files and by selecting them you can remove from your phone if you feel that they are not important.

Remove unused Apps

Fourth option can be you can find out apps which you have installed but not using frequently . After identifying those as you can remove them and you can also free up space.

There is also on good practice to back up your images and music on cloud storage such as Google photo or Google music. This way also you can free up space in your mobile. After doing all this you will get enough Storage for your new apps as well as the speed of your phone will be better than before.


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