Free Antivirus Apps for Android

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Free Antivirus Apps for Android

Looking for Free Antivirus Apps for Android? Some people say that being careful about the apps you install and not surfing doubtful websites is enough to keep your phone secure. There are problems like apk files (Android applications) begin to download on their own on some websites and concerns that 99 percent of all mobile malware targets Android are well known.

There may be instances instances of popular Android apps corrupting system services to display ads whenever you unlock your phone. This kind of adware is very annoying and a serious privacy concern. The matter of concern  is that these apps are available on Google Play and aren’t just coming from third-party website.

Therefore you need to  have an antivirus app installed on your phone as well. However, It is strongly advised that you don’t install any unknown apps in this category. A top paid Android antivirus app called Virus Shield was uncovered as fake last year, so you’re better off downloading apps from brands you can trust. If you don’t know where to start, this list will guide you.

CM Security

CM security is one of the most popular antivirus apps for Android with consistently positive user reviews. It has features such as virus scanning, removal, app lock (passcodes for apps) and even takes a selfie if someone enters the wrong password when trying to use those apps. When you enter the correct code, you’ll be able to see if anyone tried to access your app, along with their picture.


One of our favorite picks for computer antivirus software, Avast is also a reliable pick on Android. It has a good user interface and offers basic features such as virus scanning and removal. It also lets you password-lock two apps for free – so you can lend your phone to a friend to make a call, without them being able to see your gallery.


AVG may be preferred app because it doesn’t hurt the device’s performance or battery life. AVG offers basic virus scanning and removal for free but advanced anti-theft features such as taking a picture of the person who enters incorrect passwords thrice are available in the premium version.

Kaspersky  Security

Kaspersky automatically scans newly installed apps, even the ones you install from the Play Store.This also includes anti-theft facilities such as remotely erasing all your phone data, and taking a selfie when people enter the wrong password. If you want advanced features such as cloud-based scanning, you need to  pay for the premium version.

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