How to Fix “GPS Signal Not Found” error in Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go is one of the most popular game nowdays. Users and android gamers are reported to encounter “GPS signal not found” error while launching the game. This post is aboout getting rid of this Pokemon GPS error in the most simple way.  So if you are also getting the “GPS signal not found” error when you launch the game, follow the steps below to fix it.

Ensure Your device GPS is enabled

The default settings of most of the new android phones come with GPS radios turned off  to save battery life. All what you have to do is turn this GPS ON. Given below is the method to turn your GPS on. The method is applicabe to most Android devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher.

  1. Go to Settings of your android phone.
  2. Move down to Privacy and safety and click on it.
  3. Click on Location, ensure that Location toggle is in the ON position.
  4. Click on Locating method or Location mode.
  5. Click on GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks or High accuracy.

Pokemon Go requires that Wi-Fi is  turned on throughout the game, even if the phone is not connected to a network.
It uses both local Wi-Fi, closest mobile network tower and GPS satellites to accurately place the users in the game world.

After getting your GPS on, you may still get an error due to the limitations of GPS radios placed inside your android phones. They may sometimes have trouble locating you, especially when you are indoor.

So if you are still getting GPS errors even after turning everything on, you need to get outside in open and hold your phone steady for around 20 seconds to allow GPS satellites locate your phone and get things back to normal.

Can you  play Pokemon GO without GPS?

Surprisingly the answer is Yes! But unfortunately, the experience will not be that great. Without GPS, the user need to be in areas with strong Wi-Fi signals. Since Pokémon Go uses an internet connection, it will be able to locate you with just a Wi-Fi signal.

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