How to claim refund from Google Play store

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There are more than 17 lakh apps available on the Google Play Store. Some of them are free but most of them are chargeable to you. It means if you want to download them then you have to pay the money. There may be a situation where you have downloaded the app. But you have found that downloaded app is not useful to you. In that case you may want to get refund for your purchase.

How to get refund?

We will discuss here step by step.

Firstly Google had policy in which the person has to report that he wants to get refund and return the app within 15 minutes. But practically that is very limited time and within 15 minutes you will not be able to know the pros and cons of the apps and is usability. Now Google has extended the time limit upto 48 hours and within 48 hours you can claim your refund.

If you want to return the app after 48 hours the decision of the company/developer from which you have purchase the app will be applicable. In that case Google will have no responsibility so try to assess your App within 48 hours and clean the refund if possible.

There is another case where your card or account has been used by somebody else. Later you claim that it has not been purchased by you. In that case Google allows you to claim your refund within 65 days after downloading the app.

For doing that Google has categorized its up in 4 categories that is:-

  1. Movies
  2. Music
  3. Books
  4. Newsstand

Different policies are there for different sections of apps. If you want to get your refund and return the app then you have to fill online form .For doing that you have to go in Google Play Store and under account section you will see your order history. For particular order you can also find refund option through which you can process your return .

Google Play Store has also included purchase through credit card and as per some countries regulation now credit card purchases would invariably be supported by a password on linked mobile. Your credit card data in this case will be more secured.


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