How to Partition SD card using a personal computer

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In past, you must have partitioned your Computer Hard Disk for installing Windows XP or some other OS. Similarly for increasing the RAM of your mobile, you need partitioned SD Card. (For learning how to increase your Android Phone’s RAM using SD Card, click here)  Note: Before partitioning the SD card, you should take backup […]

How to Increase speed of your Android Device – 3 simple Tips

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Over a period, after using your Android Device you may find it slow in performance. Here are some tips through which you can increase the performance of your Device in simple steps. Optimization of Animation First thing is that you can optimize the Animation. For doing that you need to have developer option under settings. […]

How to increase space in Mobile Device

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Most of the time we come across a situation where we want to add a new app from Play Store but as soon as we try to install the app we get a notorious message that there is not enough space in your mobile . This can be very irritating. We know that over period […]

How to Fix “GPS Signal Not Found” error in Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go is one of the most popular game nowdays. Users and android gamers are reported to encounter “GPS signal not found” error while launching the game. This post is aboout getting rid of this Pokemon GPS error in the most simple way.  So if you are also getting the “GPS signal not found” error when […]

How to claim refund from Google Play store

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There are more than 17 lakh apps available on the Google Play Store. Some of them are free but most of them are chargeable to you. It means if you want to download them then you have to pay the money. There may be a situation where you have downloaded the app. But you have […]

How to transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android device

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Have you switched from iPhone to Android? If yes, you must be in dire need to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android device. No worries, gone are the days when transferring contacts from one mobile platform to another was done manually. Today in the age of smartphone technology contacts can be transferred automatically and with minimum […]

How to change font in WhatsApp Messenger

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Are you bored of same monotonous font available in WhatsApp Messenger? People who like change would appreciate that WhatsApp has introduced a new font in its messenger. This font is different in comparison to the existing font being displayed in the messages. For typing any message with different font you have to do a bit […]

How to delete duplicate contacts

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This is world of integration. In this integrated world your mobile phone will have phone contacts from sim cards, phone memory as well as your Gmail account. This is a good practice to keep your contacts at several places so that if you lose at one place you can trace and recover from other. But […]

How to use Smartphone to replace Pen and Paper to note

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Everybody in his life must have used pen and paper to note down something very urgent for future reference. Now you cannot carry pen and paper everywhere. Here is the catch. In this digital world it is smartphone which you carry everywhere. So can we use it to replace ‘Pen and Paper’ thing. You must […]