Best Music Streaming App: Download TIDAL APP for Android

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If you are looking for the best Music Streaming app for Android, your search ends here. You can download Tidal app for android, the best music streaming app that you can have.

Tidal app for android is the first music streaming app service which not only has Hi-Fi sound quality but also HD music videos giving you the ultimate music experience. The app is studded with following salient features :

Sound Quality: High Fidelity

The sound quality that it produces will definitely impress you. Its a pure sound quality with no compromises. The app gives unlimited access to over 38 million tracks. This makes Tidal the best music streaming app for android.

Music Videos: High Definition

With Tidal app you can watch more than 130,000 music videos. These videos contain no ads just immersive videos with excellent quality.

Curated Editorial

The Tidal app android helps you to choose your favorite music. It engages experienced music journalists who give their recommendations, making easy for you to choose.

Stories behind the music

The tidal app for android also tells you the stories behind the music you listen. You can read relevant articles features and interviews.

Tidal works in Offline mode

With tidal app you can Save albums and playlists offline and play them offline. Not only this you can play the offline music in up to three devices.

Tidal app Favorites

The tidal app enables you to build your personal music collection. You can  simply mark albums, artists, tracks and playlists as your favorite.

Tidal app gives you the freedom to create playlists and share it with your friends. You can edit and change your created playlist anytime, anywhere. So if you are a true music lover, you just cant avoid downloading this app and experience the real joy of listening quality music in your phone.

You can download Tidal, the best music streaming app for Android from the link below.


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