Android Nougat Vs iOS 10

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We will try to compare the two leaders of Mobile Operating System that is Android NOUGAT Vs iOS 10.

Notification Area

 First thing we will start with the notification area. In notification area both have improved features from their previous versions. Screenshot for comparing these two versions are given below.

Nougat Vs iOS 10

Look wise Android appears more soothing. We will see the different functionalities available in the notification area. Suppose you are getting any mail in iOS if you select that notification and 3D press it you will be able to reply similarly in Android also you can reply a Gmail . You can also open another mail and follow the conversation. You can also delete the message right from notification area

 Customization of Notification Area

Beautiful advantage with NOUGAT is that you can customize the notifications from notification panel only. But in iOS you have to go to that particular app for customizing its setting.

Control Panel

In Android NOUGAT  the control panel and toggles are at the Top where is in iOS control panel is in bottom. The advantage with NOUGAT is that you can customize the toggle also and  it takes lead in comparison to Apple’s  iOS.

However, there is one advantage with iOS control panel is that once you swipe over you will get a separate card for music this option is not available in Android NOUGAT.

Home Screen Customization

An advantage with Android is its customization. There are lot of widgets available through which you can customize your home screen. Means you can pull over the important and handy widget on your home screen. But in iOS this facility of bringing useful widgets to your home screen is not available.


Messaging is the area where iOS 10 leads over Android . If you open messaging in iOS you are going to get multiple option , it can send image taken from camera with lot of modifications options available .Same way the gallery is also accessible through chat or messaging window,  These options are not available in Android NOUGAT. imessage can add lot of  Gestures/ effects to the messages.


iOS is not having multi-tasking option for iPhone. Though it is available for iPad. NOUGAT is better in this regard.


Calendar options is somewhat better in iOS in comparison to NOUGAT . In iOS apart from monthly view you can also see the yearly view of your calendar. It gives you more flexibility than in Android where you can view only monthly view.

Settings Detailing

Setting option in NOUGAT is much more improved than iOS. In Android you get lot of information about each setting without actually going into it. This comes very handy.

Stability and Smoothness

This is the area where iOS is leader. However, year by year Android is becoming more and more smooth and stable and NOUGAT is right up there.

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