How to delete duplicate contacts

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This is world of integration. In this integrated world your mobile phone will have phone contacts from sim cards, phone memory as well as your Gmail account. This is a good practice to keep your contacts at several places so that if you lose at one place you can trace and recover from other. But any advantage comes with some inherent disadvantages. The major disadvantage of multiple contact books is that you may have to encounter a problem of duplicate contact.

This can be a nightmare if you are searching some important number. It can be very annoying to see multiple numbers of contact for same person clogging your huge contact list. After getting irritated you plan to delete duplicate contacts. But wait a minute, it is going to be a herculean task .

Now what may be a smart method to delete duplicate contact numbers from your phone?

Let us discuss step by step.

  1. First you have to login in your Gmail account. It is to be noted that this Gmail account should be same which you are using in your smartphone.
  2. After opening Gmail, go to Top left of the screen. There you will see Gmail written with drop down. The 2nd Option in the drop down is Contacts. You have to click it.
  3. In the left side below your photo there will be find duplicates option. You have to click on that
  4. After doing that you will get all the duplicate numbers. There will be an option called dismiss above to these contacts. You have to click on dismiss and by doing that you can delete all your duplicate accounts. If you want to merge multiple contacts into single contacts, then you can select merge option as well.

Hope above will solve the problem of multiple or duplicate contacts from your Phone book.


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