How to use Smartphone to replace Pen and Paper to note

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Everybody in his life must have used pen and paper to note down something very urgent for future reference. Now you cannot carry pen and paper everywhere. Here is the catch. In this digital world it is smartphone which you carry everywhere. So can we use it to replace ‘Pen and Paper’ thing. You must be wondering how? Let us discuss in details.

There is an app called Google Keep through which you can replace your pen and paper thing completely.

To use this Google Keep is very simple. You can record anything and store the content and later you can transcribe those recordings into text as well.

For recording anything you can use Google Now on your home screen. You may not appreciate the importance of this without using it. But if you start using this then you will appreciate the importance of Google Keep.

Google Keep comes with different functionalities and features some of them can be as under

  1. You can keep your notes in different colors so that you can remember easily .
  2. You can mark location of place where you have made the note. It means you will not only record at what time you have made the note but you will also recall the place where you have made that note. As soon as you are near to that place Google Keep will inform you and you will remember your note in more systematic manner.
  3. Google Keep also allows you to scan some written text which you can convert in editable format. That can be used to send to other person and for giving printouts also.
  4. Google Keep application is available on Android play store and you should remember that Google Keep can be used by smart phone Smartwatch computer tablet etc. so I start using it if you are not using it…

To download go to Playstore

Happy noting!!!


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